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Autumn Love

I have always loved Autumn - seeing the seasons change with bursts of yellow, red and orange. Dressing up warmly for crisp mornings and drinking hot chocolate on cool evenings. What's not to love?

Since living in the UK, I have found a new appreciation and love for this season, its my first autumn here and even though we are back in lockdown, I was able to experience some of it, be that my weekend trips to National Trusts (before lockdown) or my daily walks to the park, the colours and tastes of Autumn are all around.

Back home in South Africa, our autumn's are just as beautiful, the streets are lined with yellow and orange trees and at night we gather around the fireplace. I have so many good memories, of walking home in the afternoon from school when the air is so crisp and fresh, the sun has already disappeared behind the mountain and the whole town falls into a shadow of blues and purples, with those vibrant yellow trees. I would walk home, kicking the dry the leaves. Something I still do today! If you're feeling gloomy, go find a big pile of leaves and just pretend you're 5 years old, and kick them about!

The colours of autumn are so beautiful, and I thought I would share some of my favorites. I've used #carand'ache luminance pencils.

Things I love about Autumn:

  1. Endless cups of tea. No matter the hour, a cup of tea is just perfect!

  2. Autumn leaves, collecting them and hanging them up! ( I'm that weirdo- also the weirdo who presses them in her books!)

  3. The rain - great reason to buy new boots!

  4. Mushroom Love! I have always loved mushrooms. ( I once worked in a "fungi room" where you grow mushrooms. It was pretty amazing to see the little mushrooms grow their soft yet complex structures) And now, I find my mushrooms in the woods, it brings me so much joy!

  5. Soup! I make a really lovely butternut and orange soup with bacon! Warms you up and its orange- what a beautiful happy colour!

  6. Wrap up and Stay warm, grab that beanie and scarf!

Thank you for reading.

Stay safe xxx



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