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DIY Cups for Cornwall

I've been living in the UK for about 7 months now and I recently did my first road trip to Cornwall! (where else!) My excitement was unreal, maybe because of isolation, maybe cause of work and let's face it, this year has been crazy! A holiday was overdue!

So my child-like excitement got me thinking, we need cool cups! I work as a freelance Illustrator & Designer and the budget was tight. Our breakfasts consisted of rusks ( for my English friends - a rusk is a bread like cookie that is dried in the oven and then dipped into tea or coffee! - Nature's goodness!) So we needed cups for our tea, I didn't want just plain ones, couldn't take glass ones, so I found these super cheap enamel ones and added a twist!

And here's the result ...

How to make your own cups

I bought a little pot of blue enamel paint along with the blue cups. I got the paint from the local Cass Art shop, and the cups from the supermarket! You get them in black, blue, red and sometimes if you're lucky in green!

Sketch out your design on a piece of a paper, I didn't plan too well, kinda just went for it so if you're more of a perfectionist, you can measure the length and width of your cup and plan accordingly.

I did some sketching during the week of seagulls, ships and little homes. The space on the cup is not very big, so I kept the design quite small and easy to paint.

And finally paint your cup! Be careful not to use too much, and if you're using enamel paint, wash your paint brushes thoroughly as they do get quite sticky! I added a bit of turpentine (turps) to lukewarm water to wash my brushes.

Let your cups dry for about 3 hours. Once dry, make yourself a lovely cup of tea and rusks!

( I'll post the recipe soon! ) Enjoy!

Thanks for reading x

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