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Folktale Week 2020

My first @folktaleweek ever! I was first introduced to #FolktaleWeek through #EmmaCarlisle. Listening to her story and creative journey has been very inspiring and I think I've learnt a lot from her.

I approached this week quite freely, my goal was just to create! If it was ugly, well who cares, as long as I was making something! Working on one project for a long period of time, and fearing the blank page can be quite scary, so I just wanted to draw and my colour palette was quite spontaneous in the beginning and as I went along, I just stuck to the warm reds, oranges and the blues.

My favourite from the series, was "Harvest" - I've been struggling for a few months with some personal/ career stuff and I constantly have to remind myself that we are all on our own path. No one's path's looks the same, and we unfortunately can't walk on each other's paths, we might share a path but at the end of the day, we are all trekking our own path, harvesting our own blessings and our own share of sorrows.

Another favourite of mine, was the Ritual. I absolutely love foxes and think they are often so misunderstood but they have so much character and story to them.

For all my illustrations, I used Schmincke gouache and @carandache colour pencil crayons.

Thank you for reading, I will definitely be taking part in the #folktaleweek next year!



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