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Pattern Challenge

This year has been a tricky one, with a lot of uncertainty and with so many of us having to make difficult decisions. So when Mélanie Johnsson posted on instagram that she was going to do a September Pattern Challenge, I thought this would be a great way to be creative, focus on something daily (my mind often drifts...) and to improve on my digital illustration skills!

So on the 1st of September...I forgot and ran out of time! I work part time as an illustrator, so my days are sometimes very flexible which makes it tricky! But after that I got better, I actually planned and sketched out days. Determined to see it through!

Finding cool colour palettes was my favourite part! I really love bold, bright colours and try to incorporate them into my work as much as possible! Designing the patterns was the perfect way to express and celebrate the lovely colours!

I've always loved designing patterns, and would love to pursue it! Maybe one day, a cool project will come along! Who knows!

To create my patterns, I would usually sketch out the elements in my sketch book, or sometimes just on any random piece of paper. Once I have an idea of the elements, I draw them digitally using my wacom tablet. Sometimes freehand, or I scan in my sketches and use them as a reference. This handy tool is amazing! I use it a lot for cleaning my artworks, retouching and for digital painting. Or just as a mouse!

I used a variety of different digital brushes, from pencil to gouache, and I think I might have tried highlighter as well!

It was such a good challenge, to create something unique everyday! And a wonderful way to explore brushes and stretch my digital skills a bit! Definitely something I would do again!

Go check out my whole collection on my insta! @lets_umm_design. And who knows, maybe next year- I'll make up my own pattern challenge!

Thank you for reading xxx



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